Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lake Tahoe Boat Wedding

There's nothing more romantic as a boat wedding. Oh, wait, yes there is. A boat wedding on beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

How does a wedding ceremony or reception on a yacht just by yourselves, or with your closest friends and relatives sound?

The company is Woodwind Cruises and they offer several different yacht options to make your wedding day perfect, from yachts with a maximum of 16 passengers to a yacht with a maximum of 60 passengers, with rates beginning at $1135 for a 2-hour weekend day cruise. They also offer sunset cruises. If it was me, I'd go for the romantic sunset cruise.

You can let their wedding coordinator handle all the details for you, and can choose to be married by the Captain or a minister. You will have to have a Nevada or California marriage license. For an extra charge, you can also choose a catered reception, professional photography, as well as a video tape of the event.

The yachts are designed for comfort, with glass-bottom viewing windows, sound system and full-service bar, which serves beer, white wine, champagne and soft drinks.

For more information, you can email them at

Here's a YouTube video of Lake Tahoe to give you an idea of what Lake Tahoe has to offer. The video is not associated with Woodwind Cruises.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weddings in Pacific Grove California

Lover's Point in Pacific Grove has been called one of the "One of the top 10 most romantic places in America" by Sunset Magazine, and is the perfect place for an elopement ceremony or larger wedding. With such an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean, it's easy to see why this is such a sought-after spot for couples to tie the knot.

Not familiar with Pacific Grove? It's a beautiful little town in the Monterey Peninsula, sometimes overshadowed by nearby Monterey and Carmel.

When I visit the Monterey area I always stay in Pacific Grove because it's less crowded and less commercial than Monterey, but close enough to go visit Monterey and the surrounding areas and do the touristy things like drive the 17-Mile Drive or visit Pebble Beach. Also, it's home to my all-time favorite restaurant, Fifi's, 1188 Forest Ave.

You will need a permit to hold your wedding in Lover's Point, which you can get by calling the Pacific Grove Recreation Department at (831) 648-5730.

There are other romantic spots in Pacific Grove for your wedding as well, such as Jewell Park, close to Lover's Point, where you can have your ceremony in the Gazebo. Jewell Park also requires a permit, which you can get by calling the above number. There is a fee for permits to either Pacific Grove or Lover's Point.

If you're looking for a free spot on the beach in Pacific Grove, you might want to choose Asilomar State Beach, where you will also find a gazebo perfect for your wedding. As I recall it can get a little windy.

As for wedding packages, Centrella Bed & Breakfast Inn will put together a wedding package for you with a ceremony in their garden or at Lover's Point. For more informaiton call them at 800-653-5495 or email them at

Though I don't have specific knowlege of wedding officiants or wedding planners in the area, I have found a couple names you might want to contact:

Wedding Coordinator:

A Bayside Wedding: email at


Weddings in Paradise, Reverend Mery Ann Meagher at

Photo of Lover's Point by David Goehring, under a Creative Commons License,

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wedding Venues in Oakland CA

Looking for a wedding venue in the San Francisco Bay Area? Why not consider Oakland, which has many wonderful public park areas from which to choose?

Lakeside Park Garden Center
Inside Lakeside Park (Lake Merritt)
666 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland

Amenities include an industrial kitchen with a commercial coffeemaker, Japanese Garden and Koi Pond, an upright piano and herb and flower gardens.

Lake Merritt Sailboat House
Inside Lakeside Park (Lake Merritt)
568 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland

Amenities include floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as a balcony offering spectacular views of Lake Merritt. You also get a kitchen with commercial coffeemaker.

Morcom Rose Garden
Located near Grand Avenue
700 Jean Street, Oakland

Do you like roses? That's what you'll get with this venue, also referred to as the Morcom Amphitheater of Roses. Now, any venue calling itself an amphitheater of roses is going to be beautiful and fragrant. And, it is, with over 6,000 plants and 300 varieties of roses throughout the eith-acre rose garden. The rose bushes bloom May through September, and the garden is available for weddings from Mother's Day through October31.

Great photo opps abound in this place, with all the roses, as well as a 10-tier waterfall on the western hillside. No wonder this place is a favorite spot for weddings in Oakland.

For rental rates of all the above facilities, including some in the Parks and Recreation Department I didn't include can be found here: Rental Rates

Are there venues in Oakland other than in the public parks? Of course, wonderful spots.

Historic Sweets Ballroom
1933 Broadway, Oakland
for info email

A 900 person, ballroom-style, 12,000 square foot venue, which can accommodate 450 people for a sit-down reception style dinner.

Waterfront Plaza Hotel
Ten Washington St.

With great views of the San Francisco Bay, the Waterfront Plaza Hotel offers couples full wedding services, with a pooside ceremony for $650, a water-view banquet room for $500, lunch or dinner, dance floor, and complimentary overnight stay for the bride and groom with a minimum of 75 guests.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Castle Weddings in California

Looking for a fairy-tale wedding? Don't be shy, of course you are. Of course, one woman's fairy-tale wedding might be different from another woman's fairy-tale wedding, but, for many women a fairy-tale wedding has to involve a castle. And a horse-drawn carriage would be nice, too.

But, let's face it, most castles are located in Europe, and the costs of a European wedding add up quickly. So, what's a gal to do who wants a castle wedding in California? We have a few suggestions for you.

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a private estate located about fifty miles from San Diego, between San Diego and Los Angeles, and comes complete with Guinevere's Castle and Merlin's Tower, not to mention swans, ponds and a secret garden. (And, no, it's not the above photo) Not only are you able to get married in a castle, but you're in a great spot in southern California to enjoy some things which are quintessential California: the wineries of nearby Temecula, beaches which are relatively close by, and hot air ballooning over some of the prettiest scenery in Southern California.

Getting married in The Enchanted Forest is a fairy tale wedding with great photo ops as well, with a bridge, lake and waterfalls. And, if you like grand entrances (this is a fairy-tale wedding after all), you can choose a wedding package which allows you to make your entrance by a horse-drawn carriage.

The owners of the estate only allow several marriages on the castle grounds each season, so if this appeals to you, contact them as soon as possible. You can get more info by emailing them at or call 760-451-8683. I believe they allow weddings May through October, but they can give you more detailed info.

Other California Castles to Consider for Weddings:

Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Disneyland

I'm going to be perfectly honest. Getting married at an icon of childhood doesn't appeal to me. But, it certainly does appeal to a lot of women, as getting married at Disneyland is quite a popular wedding destination. And, yes, you can arrive in a horse-drawn carriage - Cinderella's Coach. If the idea of getting married at Sleeping Beauty's Castle lights your fire (see above photo), then go for it. But, do it early as the Castle is reserved months ahead. (Photo by Jessie Barber, , under a Creative Commons License, )

Castle Green - Pasadena

Is it really a castle? Well, maybe not, but it's called "Castle Green" and that's good enough for me. And, it too is popular for a wedding venue, as well as a setting for numerous film projects shooting in the Pasadena area. It was built in 1898 (old by California standards) to serve as the annex for the famous Hotel Green, and is a seven-story structure built in the Moorish Colonial and Spanish style. It's also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you choose this venue you will enjoy Victorian interiors, a ballroom to accomodate 425 people standing or dancing, 220 if seated, as well as a venue close to Old Town Pasadena, which is a perfect base for out-of-town guests. If you want something smaller and cozier, you can also choose their Sunroom for you and a few guests. For more info you can email them at

"The Castle" at Ledson Winery - Sonoma County

Did you think I'd forget about Northern California? Here's another venue which isn't really a castle, but is built in the French Normandy style, and known in the area (and the world they say) as "The Castle." The 16,000 square foot building, just an hours drive from San Francisco, houses the Ledson Winery and, if you are a wine club member, available for private events such as weddings. Don't worry, if you become a wine club member you aren't signing up to drink crappy wine you ordinarily wouldn't buy. Ledson wines are fabulous! You'll be doing yourself a favor by trying this wine. Once you try it you will have it again and again. For more info on joining the wine club and reserving your space in "The Castle," go to
As you will see if you read the comment that accompanies this post, Ledson Winery no longer hosts weddings. I emailed the events person at Ledson (through their contact email on their website) to check on this, but my email came back as "udeliverable." Thank you to the commenter for bringing this to my attention.

Hearst Castle - San Simeon, CA

Almost forgot Hearst Castle. I have a separate page on weddings at Hearst Castle, along with a YouTube video at, but here's some basic information. Yes, you can have weddings at Hearst Castle. but it will it'll cost you $7,500 to reserve the Castle for 1 to 50 people for up to 3 hours, $15,000 for parties larger than 50 people or for weddings lasting longer than 3 hours.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Korean Friendship Bell - San Pedro CA

This is a photo of the Korean Friendship Bell, a location in San Pedro, California, where many couples hold their wedding ceremonies. See info below.

Cheap Los Angeles Area Wedding

Visited San Pedro over the weekend and found some inexpensive places to hold your wedding in the Los Angeles area. San Pedro is located about 20 miles south of Los Angeles, and has some spectacular oceanside locations where you can tie the knot with million-dollar views and still keep within your budget. As an added plus, San Pedro is also home to the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center, where many major cruise ships embark on cruises to Baja and other points of interest. Great for your honeymoon!

What are some spectacular places you can get married on the cheap?

Averill Park

Great park with streams, ponds and waterfalls. There's also a gazebo and bridge perfect for ceremonies. There is a small fee, so contact them at 310-548-7671 for more information.

Pt. Fermin Park

37 landscaped acres, along with rugged bluffs, provides incredible vies of the Pacific Ocean toward Santa Catalina Island. The photo above shows the view which could be the backdrop for your wedding photos.

Korean Friendship Bell

In close proximity to Pt. Fermin Park, the bell and pavilion was donated to the people of Los Angeles in 1976 by the people of the Republic of Korea. The Bell honors veterans of the Korean War, and is also popular with wedding parties for the dramatic views.

The Destination Wedding Experts provide wedding and elopement packages at Averill Park and The Korean Friendship Bell starting at $375, which includes the Minister, marriage license, one certified copy and music at the location. Or, you can choose the Deluxe Package for $775, which includes flowers for the bride and groom, 20-photo wedding album, cake, cake topper, and cider in champagne glasses (alcohol is prohibited at the Korean Friendship Bell and Averill Park. You can call them at 310-325-3930 for more info, or visit their website at They also provide a special "wedding before cruise" package which will marry you and deliver you to your cruise ship in time for embarkation.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cheap Wedding Invitations

Whichever place you choose in California to have your wedding, you'll probably be interested in saving money on your wedding invitations. Sometimes it's the little things that add up in planning a wedding, and wedding invitations are no exception. But, you can save yourself a chunk of change by doing your wedding invitations yourself on your computer using Wedding invitation templates. There are many places online to find cheap or even free wedding invitation templates. Here are a few places you might consider:

Another alternative is to purchase an invitation template software program. One product specifically designed for wedding invitations is PrintingPress Wedding Software for wedding and shower invitations, which works with any stationery and includes fonts and graphics, and allows you to use predesigned templates or design your own template, using clipart or your own photos. This software even includes tracking, which allows you to keep track of RSVPs and gifts you receive. You can purchase this software at Amazon for $29.99. Or, you can go to, which is the software company. They also put out a line of general invitation software, which you might want for any other future invitations.

If you're not put off by sending your invitations by email, you can also go to and send invitations by email. They say they're free, though I've never used them before, so don't know if there's a catch. But, you might want to give them a try if you're into sending invitations by email.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meaning of Wedding Traditions

Ever wonder where some of the common wedding traditions came from?

For example, why is there a "Best Man?" Someone to help plan the bachelor party? Not quite. You see, in days long ago (yeah, before you were born) it was common for the groom to kidnap his potential bride and force her to marry him. We don't do that anymore. Now we have "The Bachelor." Anyway, way back in the kidnapping days, the groom would take along the best man he could find to help him capture his bride. The groomsmen were also at the ready to help capture her and prevent her family from rescuing her.

Kidnapping the bride also led to the tradition of the honeymoon. The groom would take his new bride into hiding to prevent her family from taking her back. Presumably, by the time her family tracked her down she would already be pregnant with the groom's child.

Thank God for the ancient Greeks who brought love into the marriage equation. It was they who began the tradition of the wedding ring, as they believed the "vein of love" led directly from the third finger to the heart. So, they used wedding bands to symbolize love.

What about carrying the bride over the threshold? Back in the day it was believed that if the bride stumbled or tripped while going into the new house they would all be cursed with bad luck. So, to be on the safe side, the groom would carry her into the new house. Woe to the groom with a bad back.

Finally, what about "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe" on her wedding day.

Something old symbolizes the connection the bride has with her family and with her past. Usually the bride wears a piece of jewelry that belonged to her mother or grandmother.

Something new symbolizes the wish for good luck and prosperity in the couples' future together.

The something borrowed should be an item worn by a happy bride at her wedding. The hope is that some of the luck and happiness will rub off on the new bride.

Something blue comes from biblical times when the color blue was a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness.

Placing a silver sixpence in the bride's shoe was a sign of wealth. It is also a symbol of the hope that the young couple will experience financial wealth. Today many brides substitute a penny in place of the sixpence.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wedding in Temecula

Yeah, yeah, another wedding video. But, if you're interested in a wedding in the Temecula wine country, you might be interested in this video of a wedding at Lake Oak Meadows in Temecula. If you like a grand entrance, you might like the horse and carriage which brings the bride to her groom. If you like what you see you might visit their site at

Temecula is south of Los Angeles and, though not as well known as some of the other wine regions, is quite lovely.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Yosemite Wedding

Saw this little video on YouTube. Yes, it's an ad, but you might find it interesting if you're looking for wedding venues in the vicinity of Yosemite and Central California. It's the Sierra Meadows Country Club, located near Oakhurst, just miles from Yosemite National Park and Bass Lake, featuring a year-round, 18-hole golf course.

They have indoor and outdoor locations to choose from for up to 200 guests, and, as a special treat, you and your wedding party can play golf at a special rate of $30 per round, including your cart, anytime before or on the day of your wedding. So, you can go golfing right after the "I Dos" or, even have a golfing bachelor party.

Anyway, have a look at the video and see if this venue would appeal to you.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weddings in Malibu

Our thoughts and prayers go with the families affected by the Malibu fire, which started yesterday, October 21, 2007.

Today fires are raging all around Southern California, which serves as a reminder to all of you considering future weddings in Malibu that during fire season Malibu is particularly vulnerable to wildfires. When planning your Malibu wedding, it's good to remember that Santa Anna winds can be particular deadly in October, and that some of the most destructive wildfires have occurred in October. You might want to take that into consideration when planning your future Malibu wedding. Info on weddings in Malibu and other parts of Southern California can be found at

Again, we extend our prayers to the Malibu families, as well as the families affected by all the other wildfires across Southern California.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Elope to Los Angeles

Did you know that the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles receives 5 stars from Mobile Travel Guide, and was named by them as "Best Hotel for Romantic Getaway in Los Angeles"? It was, which is one reason why you should consider eloping to Los Angeles and having your honeymoon at the Hotel Bel Air. Another reason is that it was ranked #11 out of "Top 100 Hotels in Continental U.S. and Canada" by Travel + Leisure in 2006.

If you want to keep your "weddingmoon" from breaking the bank, you can have a simple elopement ceremony with just the two of you at one of many different Los Angeles locations, including several beach locations, and still enjoy a luxurious honeymoon at the Bel Air.

There are many different officates around LA you can contact who know different ceremony venues to suggest, such as "The Offiant Guy" who says he's an "elopement specialist" who performs elopement ceremonies anywhere, even at a Starbucks! Hey, why not have a less-expensive ceremony and save for a romantic honeymoon at the Bel Air? (You can reach "The Officiant Guy" at (310) 493-3663 or email him at

If you want to really save money on a ceremony (so you can spend it on the honeymoon), you can always get married at one of the many government offices and Courthouses offering civil ceremonies, including the offices of the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk in Beverly Hills at 9355 Burton Way. They offer ceremonies on Thurday, by appointment - call (310) 288-1261. The best part is the fee for the civil ceremony is only $25. That means more money on the fun part - the honeymoon!

The Bel Air has a Celebration Package which includes:

* Accommodations in a Grand Deluxe Guestroom with fireplace and garden patio.
* Bottle of chilled Champagne
* Continental Breakfast for two


Grand Deluxe: $575 (Sun-Thu), $600 (Fri/Sat)
Garden Suite: $975 (Sun-Thu), $1,025 (Fri/Sat)

They also have a Fall Special going on as well, which includes:

* Continental Breakfast
* Welcome bottle of wine


Premium King: $375 (Sun-Thu), $425 (Fri-Sat)
Deluxe King: $475 (Sun-Thu), $525 (Fri-Sat)
Deluxe one-bedroom suite: $795 (Sun-Thu), $875 (Fri-Sat)

This special is valid from September 3rd to December 21st, 2007.

Want more wedding ideas in California? Go to Weddings in California.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Weddings Aboard Queen Mary

Okay, so you can't afford to have your wedding on the QE2 on one of her transatlantic voyages. Then have your wedding aboard the original - The Queen Mary, which now operates as a hotel and tourist attraction in Long Beach, California, as well as being a fabulous California wedding venue.

The Queen Mary is an Art Deco wonder, with 365 stateroom/hotel rooms for to choose from for your honeymoon. You can choose to have your wedding in the Queen Mary's Chapel, or on the Sun Deck Stage, which looks over the Pacific Ocean. If you choose to elope with the just two of you, or if you have a small number of guests (under 15 people), you can opt for the Intimate Wedding Ceremony package for $600, which includes a one-hour rental of the Chapel and recorded ceremony music.

For on-deck ceremonies, you have your choice of the Deck Gazebo Ceremony for up to 100 guests, or the Queen Mary Verandah Deck Wedding Ceremony for up to 350 guests. Prices start at $1,200 for the Gazebo Deck Ceremony and $1,500 for the Queen Mary's Verandah Deck Ceremony. (There are also Commitment Ceremonies available, as well as voy renewal ceremonies).

To jazz things up a bit, you might want to choose to have your ceremony on one of the special holiday or special-event dates, such as:

Oct. 5 - Oct. 31

During this time the Queen Mary celebrates "Halloween Terrorfest," when the Queen Mary is transformed into twisted mazes and endless corridors which deliver "monsters, mutants and maniacs." Also featured are live bands and dance parties aboard the ship.

New Year's Eve

The Queen Mary throws a mean New Year's Eve party. Actually, it throws several New Year's Eve parties. So, what better place to begin your own personal fireworks than by getting married or honeymooning on the Queen Mary on New Year's Eve. Their Deluxe New Year's Eve package is $739 for double occupancy and includes a one-night stay, 2 New Year's Eve party tickets, a bottle of Queen Mary champagne in your hotel room, party faavors, and a dinner voucher the a reception and dinner served in the Britannia Salon.

Do know that all wedding ceremony packages are higher on holidays.

Oh, and if you'd like to find out inforamation about cruise ships that actually sail, you might want to go to our sister site and learn more about cruise line vacations.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Eloping to Catalina Island CA

Eloping to Catalina Island? Then, make it Saturday, October 27, 2007. Why? Because that's the night of the Avalon Ball at the Avalon Casino Ballroom, sponsored by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. Dress in vintage attire (how about a vintage wedding gown?) and dance the Charleston, tango, foxtrot and other vintage dances, to the sounds of Mora's Modern Rhythmists Dance Orchestra.

Never been to the Avalon Casino Ballroom? Then you're missing one of the most wonderful art deco treasures in Southern California. If you have an opportunity to dance at the Casino, you have to take it. And, if you can't afford to book the Avalon Casino for your wedding, or are eloping with just the two of you, then the Avalon Ball is a cheap way to experience the fun and grandeur of the Avalon Casino. Tickets are $45 per person. Call 310-659-3326 for more information.

If you need an inexpensive Catalina Island elopement package, then consider the simple elopement package from the people at Magical-Melodies & Weddings ( for only $125. They have many different packages to choose from, so do check their website out, or call 310-510-9614 for more information.

Photo of Avalon Casino Ballroom by Ed Bierman,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

San Diego Eloping Idea

Here's an idea for those of you who are considering getting married or eloping to San Diego, and who are San Diego Chargers fans, and who like cruises. AAA has their annual "San Diego Chargers Fan Cruise" on March 13-17, which would make a perfect honeymoon for all you Chargers fans. The cruise goes from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and starts at $399 per person.

On the cruise will be Chargers players, coaches and alumni, who will take part in special activities during the cruise. Of course, many new brides would be horrified at the thought of her husband even watching a game on their honeymoon, but, there are brides out there who love sports as much as their husbands, some even having their wedding at the Football Hall of Fame, tossing a football instead of a bouquet.

If you're one of those type of brides, may we suggest a football-themed wedding (yes, even tossing a football instead of a bouquet), with the Chargers cruise the next day.

For those of you who've never been on a cruise, let me tell you it's the ultimate in pampering. And, for this cruise, you'd be going on the Carnival Elation, which has a passenger capacity of 2,052, and has a dance club, piano bar, casino, card room and theaters.

For more information call AAA Travel at 888-874-7222.

The price does start at $399 per person, but I encourage you to upgrade and go with a balcony room, where you can catch the view from your own private balcony.

Synonyms for cruise: cuise, curise, crise, criuse, cruse, cruie, cruies, cruis.
Synonyms for eloping: elope, weddingmoon, destination wedding

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Paso Robles California Winery Weddings

Looking for a California winery wedding to knock your garter off? Got one for you.

Located at the Martin & Weyrich’s Vineyard in Paso Robles, California, Villa Toscana Bed and Breakfast will make you feel like you're getting married in Italy. Maybe it's because of the vineyards all around you, or the terrace featuring limestone imported from Italy. Villa Toscana, after all, was modeled after an Italian estate, with spiral staircases, vine-covered trellis and an outdoor fireplace.

They can accommodate a variety of wedding parties, from the patio which accommodates 10 to 92 people, to the courtyard which accommodates 50 to 450 people.

Site Rental Fees are as follows: 0-50 guests: $2,500
51-100 guests: $3,000
101-200 guests: $5,000
201-300 guests: $7,000

This does not include catering for the reception. All caterers have to be approved by Villa Toscana. Call 805-238-5600 for more info.

If you're eloping, you might want to consider a simple ceremony off the grounds and then plan your honeymoon at Villa Toscana. Prices begin at $435 per night for a 700 sq. ft. suite on the weekend.

Other Paso Robles wineries available for weddings:

Meridian Vineyards
7000 Highway 46 East
You can get married in their landscaped gardens or the barrel room. I'd go for the barrel room. From groups of 5 to 500, which makes it a great choice for those of you eloping.

Meridian Winery is wheelchair accessible. Call them at 805-226-7133 for more information.

Zenaida Cellers
1550 Highway 46 West
Get married on their 1200 sq. ft. of oak shaded lawn or their barrel room, which can accommodate 50-60 guests. Again, it's a winery - go for their barrel room. The barrel room is available year round, except during the harvest months of September to early November. Their outdoor locations are available year-round.

Call 805-227-0382 for more information.

Want an inexpensive, but fun Paso Robles wine country wedding?

How about renting a trolley car which takes 20 people around to 5 different wineries for tastings? The tours start at $65 per person. They say they do weddings, so go to for more information.

Why elope or plan a wedding in Paso Robles? Well, if you love wine or wine country, then Paso Robles is a don't-miss wine destination, located conveniently between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

While many automatically think of Napa Valley when they think California wines, it turns out that Paso Robles is California’s fastest growing wine region, with nearly 26,000 vineyard acres and more than 170 wineries within a 40-mile territory. Not only that, but it's a beautiful area to boot. Yes, yes, Napa Valley is beautiful, but it can get quite crowded. Not that Paso Robles is a sleepy little wine area. It can get a little crowded as well, but not like the hordes of people in Napa Valley. Paso Robles also turns out some outstanding Zinfandels. That alone is reason to visit.

Friday, August 24, 2007

San Diego - Weddings at Balboa Park

Looking for a great spot in San Diego for a wedding? Why not consider Balboa Park, just minutes from downtown San Diego.

Balboa park is a huge park with 15 museums, awesome gardens and the San Diego Zoo. It's also a place with some spectacular wedding venues:

Spreckels Organ Pavilion

Why not celebrate the immense love you feel for one another by holding your wedding at The Spreckels Organ Pavilion, which boasts the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ. If you have a large number of guests, this is the place to be, as it holds a maximum of 2,400 people on plaza benches.

Rose Garden

Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden is an award winning rose garden offering brides and grooms over 2,400 rose bushes in 180 varieties. If you want maximum blooms, you'll want to schedule your wedding during April and May. Of course, you'll have to act quickly to schedule your wedding here as it's one of the most popular wedding spots in Balboa Park. If you can't get April and May, don't worry, many of the roses bloom from March through December. Maximum number of people is 50.

Zoro Garden

You like butterflies? Don't bother buying them and releasing them. Just have your wedding at the Zoro Garden in Balboa Park. The Zoro Garden is a 1015 stone grotto with a butterfly garden. Some of the butterflies attending your wedding will be monarchs, sulfurs, skippers and swallowtails. 75 people max.

Alcazar Garden

Alcazar Garden's the place if you really wanted to get married in Spain but couldn't afford it. Why? Because the design of Alcazar Garden is patterned after the gardens of Alcazar Castle in Seville, Spain. Here you can get married surrounded by fountains, Moorish tiles and a garden bursting with color throughout the year. 50 people max.

For more information about having your wedding in Balboa Park, call 619-231-1100.

Synonyms of destination wedding: weddingmoon, location wedding, eloping
Synonyms of wedding: weeding, weddnig, weddin, weding, weddign

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hearst Castle Wedding

Someone asked us if you can have a wedding at the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California. Actually, you can, though it'll cost you $7,500 to reserve the Castle for 1 to 50 people for up to 3 hours, and $15,000 for parties larger than 50 people or for weddings lasting longer than 3 hours. That doesn't inlcude the nonrefundable deposit of $500 to $1,000, as well as a $50 scheduling fee and the cost of staff reimbursement. Oh, and insurance for up to $1 million is required. So, if it doesn't conflict with their regularly scheduled tour and you've got the money, go for it. For more information call them at 805-927-2070.

Here's a video from YouTube which shows you the inside and outside of Hearst Castle, in case you are thinking of dropping some change and getting hitched at The Castle.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mendocino Coast Weddings

This great video shows the beauty of the California coast around Mendocino. Can you have such a beautiful backdrop for your wedding? Sure, there are great places up around Mendocino for your wedding.

One awesome spot for a wedding is the Point Arena Lighthouse in Northern California, south of Mendocino. The Point Arena Lighthouse is one of the tallest lighthouses in California at 115-ft tall, and the view is probably the best you'll ever have along the coast.

For your wedding you have the use of the foghorn building, the tower and gazenbo. The prices for a wedding ceremony only are:

Up to 8 People: $350
Up to 35 People: $500
Up to 150 People: $650
Over 150 People: $850

Included is the lighthouse staff, wedding coordinator and docents to direct parking.

For Ceremony and Reception, the prices are as follows:

Up to 8 People: $850
Up to 35 People: $1800
Up to 150 People: $3000
Over 150 People: $9000

You can even arrange to stay overnight in one of the Keeper Quarters, which have fabulous views, making a great honeymoon location. There are a total of 6 separate lodging quarters for you and your guests, from $150 to $225 per night. For more information you can email

If you are into lighthouses, you might also want to visit our other blog:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Elegant Sacramento Weddings

Want an elegant Sacramento wedding? You might want to consider the Capitol Plaza Hall, a short walk to the State Capitol and the Sacramento Convention Center. Capitol Plaza boasts 19th Century, hand-painted ceilings, with four different halls and ballrooms in which to have your wedding or reception.

If your wedding party is under 270, give the Silver Ballroom a look, which is a snazzy Art Deco ballroom which really has the feel of the Thirties and Forties.

Their largest hall is the Grand Hall with seating for up to 1,000 people. That's if you're REALLY popular.

You can contact them for more information at
If you have lots of out-of-town guests there are plenty of great places to stay in Sacramento. For guests who want to sample something a little novel, have them try out the Delta King Riverboat. It's a real riverboat that used to ferry passengers between San Francisco and Sacramento. Just let your guests know it's a tourist attraction, so it will be busy in the area.

A little more upscale (okay, a lot more upscale) is the Amber House Bed and Breakfast, 8 blocks from the Capitol, Amber House is actually historic houses located across the street for one another, with rooms named after famous musicians and writers. Frommer's says it's Mozart Room in Musician's Manor is the best, with a heart-shaped Jacuzzi and four-poster bed. Not a bad spot for a honeymoon as well. Oh, yeah, and there are in-room massages.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gondola Wedding - Coronado Island

Here's another gondola wedding idea. Only this time it's a gondola that floats on the water, not a gondola at a ski resort (see prior post).

How about a floating wedding leaving from Coronado Island and cruising the Coronado Cay off San Diego? These gondola rides are so romantic, especially the twilight cruise, complete with blankets, an ice bucket and wine glasses. You provide the beverage.

For your gondola wedding you can choose to arrive to your waterfront on a gondola to the cheers of your wedding guests, or you can choose to get married on the gondola, again to the cheers of your wedding guests, who either watch from shore or join you in their own gondolas (groups up to 30). Of course, this is also a perfect wedding for just the two of you ($99 for two people. Additional guests are $20 per person, up to six passengers per boat.) And, you can add a violinist or mandolin player for just $75.

Who needs Venice when you can get married in your gondola in Coronado? Hey, it's alot cheaper - a fleet of 5 gondolas accommodating up to 30 people will cost $25 per person. It's a wedding your guests will definitely not forget.

The Gondola Company is located at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, 4000 Coronado Bay Road, 4.5 miles past the Hotel Del Coronado. Either the Loews Coronado Bay Resort or the Hotel Del Coronado will be perfect for your honeymoon.

You can contact the Gondola Company at 619-429-6317.

Oh, and while you're at it, you can check out our newest wedding blog at

Go ahead and bookmark this post for future references:

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lake Tahoe Wedding Idea

Considering a Lake Tahoe Wedding? Here are a couple ideas you might like:

1. The Heavenly Gondola

The Heavenly Gondola is an 8-passenger car at the Heavenly ski Resort which takes you up a vertical 2.4 miles in over 12 minutes. One company will arrange for you to be married at the top of the Gondola, among the pines, or on the Observation Deck with a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe as your backdrop. The price isn't that bad: $599 saturday and sunday (plus $24 each for Gondola tickets for the bride, groom, minister, photographer and each guest); or $499 Monday through Friday (plus Gondola tickets).

2. Heavenly ski Wedding

If you both are skiiers you might like this ceremony, where you ski to a secluded spot overlooking Lake Tahoe. Your ceremony will take place at this secluded spot, then you ski down the mountain as husband and wife. Prices: Saturday and Sunday: $750; Monday through Friday: $650. You will also have to pay for lift tickets for the bride, groom, minister and photographer. Limo service and flower package also extra.

You can call 877-889-6379 for more information.

Kudos to Vail Resorts, Inc., which operates Heavenly Ski Resort, for donating 75,000 to aid those impacted by the recent Angora Fire near South Lake Tahoe. Heavenly Ski Resort was not impacted by the fire.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Get Married at the Nixon Library

For you conservatives out there what could be a better place to get married in Southern California than at the Nixon Library?! (Well, okay, maybe the Reagan Library, but weddings are not allowed at the Reagan Library). Why is the Richard Nixon Library a great place for a wedding?

1. It's home to the largest public rose garden in Orange County. You'll have over 1,400 rose bushes that will serve as your backdrop.

2. Nine acres of sculptured gardens.

3. Treat your guests to a wedding reception in a replica of the White House East Room, with presidential portraits and replica chandeliers.

4. Freak out your liberal guests.

The Nixon Library is located at 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd. in Yorba Linda. For information call Carrie Biddle at 714-364-1181.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Catalina Island Wedding

Although Catalina Island hit by a fire several weeks ago, the city of Avalon was untouched and is still one of the most romantic spots in Southern California to have your wedding or elope, just the two of you.

Located 26 miles from the coast of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina Island is and always will be "the island of romance."

Catalina Island abounds with great spots to hold your wedding or elopement. If you wish a larger ceremoney, you might want to choose some of the more formal venues like the Casino Ballroom, Descanso Beach Club or the Catalina Country Club. If you're eloping or wish a small, intimate ceremony, you can hire an officiant to perform a wedding at such places as Buena Vista Point on Mt. Ada overlooking the ocean, the beach, or the Wrigley Botanical Gardens. Of course, you will have to get a permit for the public areas.

A wedding planner can help get it all organized for you. A couple you might consider are:

Weddings By the Sea, which specializes in intimate ceremonies and vow renewals. They take care of the marriage license, minister and site. You can call them at 310-510-0436 for more information.

Another wedding planner you might be interested in is Catalina Island Beach Weddings, which has a package starting at $295, which includes the minister, copy of vows, keepsake certificate, keepsake wedding day portfolio, keepsake wedding day photo with a frame, bridal bouquet, groom's boutonniere, a seaside location and a witness if you need one. They also provide same-sex Commitment Ceremonies. Call them at 310-510-9614 for more information.

You can also hold your wedding at some of the great hotels on the island. For a smaller wedding party of 30 people or less, here's one hotel you might consider: The Avalon Hotel, 124 Whittley Avenue. The Avalon offers several ocean view rooms, as well as some great spots for your ceremony, such as the roof-top deck, which offers panoramic views of Avalon Harbor.

Another hotel you might life for your wedding is the Hotel Metropole, which offers wedding packages for up to 50 guests. They also offer honeymoon packages, starting at $1508 in the summer, which includes, among other things, round-trip boat transportation and two nights in an ocean-front suite. If you live in California, you can call them at 800-300-8528; if outside call them at 800-541-8528.

You can get to Catalina by boat or by helicopter. The helicopter is a lot of fun and takes 15 minutes to make the trip. You can always take the boat one way and the helicopter another way. We recommend the Catalina Express for boat transportation, with up to 30 daily departures from Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point to Avalon and Two Harbors. You can catch the helicopter at the Long Beach and San Pedro terminals. For more information about the helicopter ride you can go to

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

San Diego Weddings: Get Married on a Boat

If you're getting married in San Diego, why not do it on a boat? We have a couple recommendations for you:

The 1898 Berkeley Ferryboat and the 1863 Star of India.

1898 Berkeley Ferryboat

For turn-of-the-century ambiance the 1898 Berkeley Ferryboat will not disappoint. You will be treated to two open-air decks, with your choice of views of the downtown skyline or sunset views of the harbor. Like to dance? Then you're in luck. The dance floor on the boat is crowned with Victorian stained glass windows. The price isn't cheap (on the weekends it's $1,400 for 100 people or less, with a $750 booking fee, $1,400 in December. Plus additional fees for catering and entertainment). But if you have the bucks and love boating, this is the place to say "I do."

Star of India

Or, is it this place? The Star of India, built in 1863, is the oldest active sailing ship in the world. Have your ceremony at the helm for a truly memorable wedding experience. Again, a little pricey ($1,000 per hour - minimum of 2 hours, with a $1,000 booking fee. Ceremony only is $750 for up to 80 guests, minimum of 2 hours), but it is an only-in-San Diego

You have your choice of many different types of catered menus (again, extra charge), including an elegant buffet, Mexican buffet, Italian buffet, Mediterranean buffet and many other menu choices.

You are allowed to decorate, but they do have pretty strict limitations, so any decorations will have to be approved before they are put up. They're adamant that there will be no glitter, no confetti and no rice. So, keep the rice at home folks.

If you're interested in more information you can call them at 619-234-9153, ext. 102.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Winery Wedding - Temecula

Live in Southern California, but looking for a winery to have your wedding? You don't have to go to Napa or Sonoma County, or even San Luis Obispo. You have one in your own backyard in Temecula. You are familiar with Temecula, aren't you? It's a great area located 85 miles southeast from Los Angeles, 42 miles south of Riverside, and 60 miles north of San Diego, and home to over 30 wineries.

One such winery offering weddings is the Ponte Family Estate Winery, 35053 Rancho California Road . Situated among 350 acres of vineyards and gardens, the Ponte Family Estate Winery is the perfect place for your winery wedding.

The Ponte Family Estate Winery is one of the most elegant wineries in Temecula, offering you two romantic locations for your ceremony: an idyllic garden surrounded by lush, vine-covered trellises, or a grassy amphitheater surrounded by the vineyards. For your reception, you have the choice of a Tent Pavilion for parties up to 300, our their mission-style Barrel Room for parties up to 100. Having a small destination wedding? They've got you covered there with their VIP Tasting Room for parties up to 14.

To see their menu offerings, you can go to

Ponte red wines include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Super Tuscan, Zinfandel and Petite Syrah. Their whites include Chardonnay, Viognier and Pinot Grigio.

For more information regarding weddings at the Ponte Family Estate Winery call (951) 694-8855.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Unique California Wedding Venues - Trains

Want a unique wedding venue in California that will delight guests young and old? Consider getting married or having your California wedding on a train. There are several trains in California which will either take you and your wedding party to a secluded destination to get married, or where you can actually have the wedding on the train itself. Either way a train is synonymous with romance and will give your guests (and you) something to remember for years. Here are a few trains in California where you can make special wedding arrangements:

Skunk Train - Mendocino Coast, California

Traveling at 29 miles per hour, the Skunk Train takes you and your wedding guests on the same northern California coastal "Redwood Route" that it has traveled since 1885. Leaving from the train station at Fort Bragg or Willits, California, the train takes your wedding party to either the Camp Mendocino Dining Hall, or the Northspur outdoor reception site, a remote outdoor site set amongst the towering redwoods, for a truly unforgettable wedding adventure.

The Skunk Train staff works with many local entertainers, so you have the option of providing live entertainment for your guests while aboard the train. Local entertainment includes the Skunk Train's famed "Trainsinger," as well as jazz bands, big bands, and rock bands. And, for great wedding photos, nothing beats the open observation train cars. Of course, the train pulls covered cars as well.

For those unfamiliar with the Mendocino area, it is truly breathtaking, punctuated by meadows, towering redwood forests and rocky cliffs. For more information about weddings aboard the Skunk Train, call 530-666-6781.

Napa Valley Wine Train - Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California is known as a great wine producing region of California, so it's only natural that any wedding taking place in the Napa Valley includes wine. If you're a wine buff, gourmet diner and train enthusiast, you may want to consider a wedding or reception aboard The Napa Valley Wine Train, a three-hour round-trip rail and gourmet dining adventure from the town of Napa to St. Helena. While on board, your guests can be treated to views of vineyards and wineries from restored train cars dating back to 1915-1947. Wineries you will pass by include such fine labels as Trefethen, Clos du Val, Cardinale, Domaine Chandon, Neibaum/Coppola and Grgich Hills. The Train also has a couple additional winery tours you can arrange.

You have your choice of three dining car experiences: the Vista Dome is a glass-domed rail car which can seat groups up to 56; the Silverado Grill is a casual dining car with sliding windows, which can seat groups up to 54; one of the Gourmet Express Pullman dining cars from 1915 - 1917. If you have a large wedding party you can charter the Gourmet Express, Vista Dome and Silverado Grill for up to 370 people. For Group information, call 707-253-0920.

Roaring Camp Railroad - Felton, California

Yet one more California wedding rail adventure, the Roaring Camp Railroads operates out of Felton, California, which is just north of Santa Cruz. The Roaring Camp Railroad offers wedding events at their camp, as well as Cathedral Grove, located on Bear Mountain, which is accessible by a vintage steam train. While at the Cathedral Grove site, couples exchange their vows underneath ancient, towering redwoods. For more information regarding wedding parties, call 831-335-4484.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Orange County Wedding Reception Ideas

Looking for romantic spots for a wedding reception? Here are some restaurants in Orange County, California that are particularly suited for romance.

The Top Ten Romantic Restaurants in Orange County, California
By Carine Nadel

There is no shortage of places to eat in Orange County, California. Romance abounds with the cliffside views of the Pacific Ocean on one half of the county and the hills and valleys on the other half. Depending on your budget and individual preferences there are so many to chose one that I had a very hard time pinning down the ten here. According to the Gayot restaurant guide, and a personal polling of 20 long-time residents of the area here are the ones that "made the grade" as places to go when you want romance to fill the air (they are in random order):

Starting with the "inland" choices:

Anaheim White House-an institution in Anaheim. Northern Italian cuisine is combined with French touches in an actual white house in very elegant decor.

Orange Hill Restaurant-in the city of Orange. The restaurant has been host to numerous weddings, anniversary celebrations and proposals. The cuisine in American. The restaurant and bar overlook the sweeping valley below. The lights of the cities in the distance are incredible. So high on the romance charts, I even suggested to my sister that this would be the perfect spot for her wedding. The food is excellent, but the guests seem to wander over to the windows to enjoy the view as much as the catered reception.

Golden Truffle-Costa Mesa. While the restaurant doesn't have any views and resides on a major street, what makes this restaurant special is the willingness of the chef and his staff to personally cook up some of the county's most exotic cuisine and serve it in an unintrusive way.

Cedar Creek Inn-San Juan Capistrano. This restaurant is in the old town area, right across the street from the Mission. Again, no view perse but the patio lights and the ease of taking a stroll through the quaint city and shop in the anitque shops is worth it. The cuisine is Californian.

Five Crowns-Corona Del Mar. The main element to this extremely well known eatery is that it is an exact replica of England's oldest inn. The Lawry's owned restaurant serves American dishes, but the waitstaff serves you in period English dress and manners. Obviously, if you chose here, eat the steak ribs.

The Ritz Restaurant and Garden-Newport Beach. Continental cuisine served by a wonderful wait staff that want to make sure that whatever you are celebrating becomes special. Our son sent my husband and I here for our 23rd anniversary. He had taken his girlfriend and was not only impressed by the terrific food, but that the service was quiet, attentive and respectful (some eateries are not so with couples who are 20-somethings).

The remaining restaurants all have sweeping Pacific Ocean views. Except for Las Brisas which serves Mexican fare, the all serve American cuisine.

Las Brisas-Laguna Beach. Best bet, stick with the seafood. This restaurant has been around a long time. While the food may not really be up to the same standards as the rest of the choices listed, the view and usually the service are what keep this place on the "romantic" map.

The Chart House-Dana Point. Many the wedding and reception has taken place here. Even wanted to add our own daughter's to the list. When we want a very romantic evening, this is where my husband and I go. The food is excellent, the staff professional and while you wait (and you will)you can enjoy a stroll in the "backyard" or just sit outside with a glass of wine.

Cannons-Dana Point. Plenty of directions to crane your neck at the view up here. I prefer brunch on a spring or summer Sunday, but of the long-time residents I interviewed, they're sold on this hotspot for a special evening out.

Salt Creek Inn-considered Laguna Niguel. Different and eclectic. Service can be spotty, but the younger crowd I talked to seem to really enjoy eating here.

These were the chosen few, but I would be remiss not to mention if time and budget allow, try eating at any of the venues at the Laguna Beach Montage Hotel. The hotel is romance personified, the grounds are beautiful, the menus varied (alas a little steep for my budget)and sound delicious. Those who had eaten there couldn't stop raving about how delicious every was and how beautifully it was served. One gentleman took his wife of 30 years there to celebrate their anniversary and the staff helped "hide" her pearl necklace in a specialy made dessert!

Now all anyone needs to do is put on the dress up togs and come and visit-during dinner! Oh and reservations are suggested!

Carine Nadel loves trying new and different places. Her writing makes it a possiblity. To read more of her writing log onto: or

Article Source:,-California&id=418037

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cheap Wedding Ideas

Want to save a few bucks on your wedding? No matter where you have your wedding in California, the day of the week you choose for your wedding can really impact your budget.

The most expensive day of the week to have your wedding is on a Saturday. This is because most weddings take place on this day of the week. This automatically raises the cost of anything that you have to rent or anyone who you have to hire to help you on your special day. The month that you choose to get married also plays a big role in cost. November to April weddings are much cheaper than weddings that take place in the summer.

Fridays are the second most popular day so this isn’t a good day as your second choice. Once again you’ll pay a higher cost than if you were married on any other day of the week. If you want to save money you might want to consider having your wedding take place on a day of the week that is less popular. A weekday evening wedding can save you a great deal of money.

If you do decide to have a weekday evening wedding keep in mind that you need to allow your guests plenty of time to get to your wedding at the end of their work day. Just keep in mind that many people may be unable to your attend your wedding if they live out of town and can’t get time off from work during the week. You will definitely have to weigh the big savings with the fact that some people won't be able to attend.

For more ideas on planning a wedding on a budget, go to

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Synonyms of wedding: weeding, weding, weddnig, weddin, weddign
Synonyms of cheap: inexpensive, budget, chepa, cheep, chepe, ceap, chaep

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maternity Wedding Dress

Expecting a baby and getting married at the same time? You may need a maternity wedding dress.

Maternity Wedding Gowns
By Gregg Makarowski

When you are planning the perfect day and you have wedding dresses in mind you will need to consider a few options. Not only are there many styles and patterns to choose from but also dresses to accommodate unplanned situations. Sometimes, life cannot be planned, and wedding dates may coincide with a pregnant bride. Finding the perfect maternity bridal gowns can be a challenge, especially since you may be a different size in several months as your wedding approaches. Maternity bridal gowns should be shopped for ahead of time, but make sure to get alterations shortly before your wedding date.

When sizing maternity bridal gowns, make your sizing selection based on your Pre-Pregnancy Size. Dresses and gowns are cut to flatter your pregnancy shape but your "size" remains the same. We also recommend that you "size up" if you are between sizes. Your wedding may also include children (yours or your fiance's), and you may want to select a color theme that will correspond to your children's attire.

White stretch lace maternity bridal gowns with a silky white liner are a perfect fit for your growing body. Fully lined dresses with support under the bust accentuate your shape. You may want to choose from designer styles like Italian, Empire, Renaissance, or Titanic gowns, which areabsolutelyy perfect for moms-to-be! Most pregnancy bodices and gowns are designed to be durable, breathable and most importantly, comfortable.

Wedding Dresses for Maternity Brides

Article Source:

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weddings at Point Loma, California

Found this great article on weddings at the Point Loma Lighthouse I thought you'd all like.

Windswept Weddings at the Point Loma Lighthouse

Author: Adam O'Connor

The unique Point Loma Lighthouse is one of the eight Cape Cod influenced structures put up along the California coastline to help sea navigation, and it was erected in November 1855. The
tower was a guiding light at the entry of the San Diego Bay for 36 years. Old Point Loma is at present the showpiece of the Cabrillo National Monument, which pays tribute to Portuguese
navigational explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, first European to set foot on San Diego Bay, and who charted the coast of California.

The San Diego National Park Service is responsible for Point Loma Lighthouse, and they offer the following guidelines for using this site as a wedding location to fulfill your Point Loma
wedding dreams.

Permit fee: $75.00

Weddings are allowed at the Bluff Event Site only

Maximum number of people: 100

Weddings are on a first come, first served basis

Arrangements such as seating, carpet runners, arches, trellises, stages, organs/pianos, or associated items are not permitted, because of the natural terrain of the area

Flutes, harps, guitars and other non-amplified music instruments are allowed. Amplified music or public address systems are not allowed

Flowers are allowed providing they arrive and depart with the wedding party

Birdseed, rice, flower petals, etc. may not be thrown or left in the park

Vehicles must park in the designated area

Weddings may not start later than 90 minutes before park closing time

Receptions are not permitted within the park

There is no alternative location for the ceremony in case of foul weather

The National Park Service strongly suggests that you go to see the Bluff Event Site before completing the Wedding Permit Application, to see if it will meet your needs

Curious park-goers, exposure to the elements and rigid park regulations are the downside to having your wedding at Point Loma Lighthouse. The romantic natural setting that you, your
guests, and of course the wedding photographer will enjoy offsets this. The permit fee is relatively low; saving you cash that you can use to upgrade your honeymoon plans.

Let your guests know they will be outdoors so they can dress accordingly, and don't forget out-of-town guests may need climate information. You and your wedding party should also dress according to the weather and setting. Make sure you let the National Park Service know about elderly and handicapped guests, so you can make special provisions for them.

Adam O'Connor is the owner of San Diego Wedding Dreams, which provides excellent free information on the La Jolla Sea Caves and what's fun in La Jolla. Adam O'Connor is an expert in his industry and his website helps people find beautiful wedding halls in San Diego.

About the author:
Adam O'Connor is the owner of which provides free information on handheld electronics. He is an expert in this industry and his website helps people find helps
people find answers to questions like how can you compare PDA's or what is the best pocket PC for you.