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Weddings at Point Loma, California

Found this great article on weddings at the Point Loma Lighthouse I thought you'd all like.

Windswept Weddings at the Point Loma Lighthouse

Author: Adam O'Connor

The unique Point Loma Lighthouse is one of the eight Cape Cod influenced structures put up along the California coastline to help sea navigation, and it was erected in November 1855. The
tower was a guiding light at the entry of the San Diego Bay for 36 years. Old Point Loma is at present the showpiece of the Cabrillo National Monument, which pays tribute to Portuguese
navigational explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, first European to set foot on San Diego Bay, and who charted the coast of California.

The San Diego National Park Service is responsible for Point Loma Lighthouse, and they offer the following guidelines for using this site as a wedding location to fulfill your Point Loma
wedding dreams.

Permit fee: $75.00

Weddings are allowed at the Bluff Event Site only

Maximum number of people: 100

Weddings are on a first come, first served basis

Arrangements such as seating, carpet runners, arches, trellises, stages, organs/pianos, or associated items are not permitted, because of the natural terrain of the area

Flutes, harps, guitars and other non-amplified music instruments are allowed. Amplified music or public address systems are not allowed

Flowers are allowed providing they arrive and depart with the wedding party

Birdseed, rice, flower petals, etc. may not be thrown or left in the park

Vehicles must park in the designated area

Weddings may not start later than 90 minutes before park closing time

Receptions are not permitted within the park

There is no alternative location for the ceremony in case of foul weather

The National Park Service strongly suggests that you go to see the Bluff Event Site before completing the Wedding Permit Application, to see if it will meet your needs

Curious park-goers, exposure to the elements and rigid park regulations are the downside to having your wedding at Point Loma Lighthouse. The romantic natural setting that you, your
guests, and of course the wedding photographer will enjoy offsets this. The permit fee is relatively low; saving you cash that you can use to upgrade your honeymoon plans.

Let your guests know they will be outdoors so they can dress accordingly, and don't forget out-of-town guests may need climate information. You and your wedding party should also dress according to the weather and setting. Make sure you let the National Park Service know about elderly and handicapped guests, so you can make special provisions for them.

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