Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cheap Wedding Invitations

Whichever place you choose in California to have your wedding, you'll probably be interested in saving money on your wedding invitations. Sometimes it's the little things that add up in planning a wedding, and wedding invitations are no exception. But, you can save yourself a chunk of change by doing your wedding invitations yourself on your computer using Wedding invitation templates. There are many places online to find cheap or even free wedding invitation templates. Here are a few places you might consider:

Another alternative is to purchase an invitation template software program. One product specifically designed for wedding invitations is PrintingPress Wedding Software for wedding and shower invitations, which works with any stationery and includes fonts and graphics, and allows you to use predesigned templates or design your own template, using clipart or your own photos. This software even includes tracking, which allows you to keep track of RSVPs and gifts you receive. You can purchase this software at Amazon for $29.99. Or, you can go to, which is the software company. They also put out a line of general invitation software, which you might want for any other future invitations.

If you're not put off by sending your invitations by email, you can also go to and send invitations by email. They say they're free, though I've never used them before, so don't know if there's a catch. But, you might want to give them a try if you're into sending invitations by email.


arahman7 said...

Regarding to your comment on Jonathan Leger's links from blog comments case study, I wanna elaborate a bit about my question. But first, Shari you has to view your blog page source and see whether your blog are free of any nofollow attribute?

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gigglesoup said...

Well, I see you're absolutely correct. I did remove the NOFOLLOW attribute in the template and it's still showing up in the comments. I will try to rectify that situation and have it removed permanently.

arahman7 said...

Yes, thank you GiggleSoup. Please let me know when/after you're able to remove nofollow attribute on your blog. This thing has been greatly discussed and I really hope you will be able to remove it.

Wish you all the best.