Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cheap and Easy Los Angeles County Wedding

Here's a super cheap, super easy wedding package for you if you live within Los Angeles County. The service is called Marriage To Go and they come to you, marriage license and all. That's right, if you have your ceremony in LA county they will come to you, issue you your wedding license, then marry you on the spot, as long as that spot is in LA County. They'll go outside LA County if you already have your license. So, whether it's your house, your hotel, theme park ride, jumping from a plane, etc., they'll come to you.

The charge for this service starts at $400 for weekdays, $450 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for bride and groom only, on up to $500 for weekdays, $550 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 20 guests or more in attendance. They do charge for travel time and mileage surcharges if you're located more than 10 miles from their westside location in Mar Vista, as well as charges for special requests, such as skydiving. (If it was me marrying you in mid-air I'd charge a lot. But you'll have to find out from them how much extra that would be).

Or, you can go to their "Secret Garden" location in Mar Vista, where you can have an elopement ceremony for $400, which includes marriage licensing, standard civil (non-religious) ceremony, officiation, and a cup of tea.

If you already have your marriage license, they also provide civil ceremony officiation starting at $300 during the week for bride and groom only. For more information go to

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CalActive said...

I got married in London but moved to LA just afterwards, and the best wedding gift we got - by far -was a helicopter trip over Los Angeles. Just an idea for anyone searching for ideas for wedding gifts!