Friday, January 25, 2008

Las Minute Travel Deal to California

This is for all of you outside of California thinking of getting married in California. What are you waiting for? Do it! And, to help out in your travel plans, I'm passing on a link for Great Deals on Last Minute Packages to California good for different California locations. This is for travel and lodging, not the wedding. But, if what you're planning is a ceremony at City Hall in San Francisco, an absolutely fabulous place, by the way, then this last-minute package can save you money on airfare and lodging.

San Francisco hotels included in this package deal include:

Westin St. Francis
Mark Hopkins
Marriot at Fisherman's Wharf
Hotel Rex

Of course, you may have to pay a little extra for hotels like the Mark Hopkins or Hotel Rex.

Other wedding destination cities included in this special deal:

Los Angeles
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Wine Country (okay, that's not a city)
Palm Springs

This offer does expire Feb. 29, 2008 (that includes Valentine's Day, for all of you considering eloping on Valentine's Day). Anyway, go check it out and see if the offers appeal to you. That link again is Great Deals on Last Minute Packages to California

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