Sunday, April 27, 2008

Want a Reason to Elope?

Did you know that the average cost for a wedding in the U.S. is approaching $30,000? And that the average honeymoon costs over $4,500? That's making an elopement ceremony sound better and better, now doesn't it?

Granted, the thought of eloping is hard for many couples to even touch. What about family members who might feel slighted or angry that there's no big wedding to attend? Of course, maybe a big wedding is something that you've dreamed of your whole life and eloping would become a big letdown.

But, for second weddings, or weddings of older individuals, these weddings are often more conducive to a destination wedding or eloping. Maybe family is so spread out that it's too hard to decide where to hold a wedding that will please everyone. Eloping, then, care spare some feelings.

Where are good places to elope? We have quite a number of great venues in California, many of which I've spoken about in this blog. Here are eloping posts you might find interesting, which include elopement ceremonies:

And, of course, you can also visit my website and learn more about eloping

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs

Sure you can go to Vegas and be married by some Elvis impersonator. And, that's nice. But, why not go for something a little more authentic. Get married where Elvis and Priscilla Presley had their honeymoon! Get married at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs!

The Hideaway is a private estate situated at the base of the beautiful San Jacinto mountains, once leased by Elvis Presley. And, it comes with a story. It seems Elvis and Priscilla were meant to be married around the pool at the estate, but their plans were thwarted by a gossip columnist, which brought hordes of media surrounding the estate. So, they slipped away and were married in Las Vegas, but came back to the estate for their honeymoon.

Now the estate is open for guided tours, as well as hosting events, such as your wedding and/or honeymoon!

Even if Elvis and Priscilla hadn't had their honeymoon at the estate, it would still be an absolutely fabulous place for a wedding. There's a diamond-shaped pool, with an area of stonework perfect for a wedding gazebo. The estate can accommodate about 180 guests around the pool.

You will also have use of the home itself if you desire an indoor wedding. And, for those of you wishing to stay for your honeymoon, you will be blessed with an awesome view of the Santa Rosa Mountains from the circular master bedroom suite, which includes a Jacuzzi.

Other amenities include a tennis court. Limousine services, a butler, cook and/or maid are available upon request.

Now, if you really want to have "The King's" honeymoon, take note. When they arrived back to the estate from getting married in Vegas, Elvis carried Priscilla over the threshold and up the stairs of the Honeymoon Hideaway singing "The Hawaiian Wedding Song". Better tell the prospective groom to start practicing.

They also provide tours of the estate Monday through Friday at 1PM for $25 per person. There are also annual events held throughout the year, including the upcoming Honeymoon Weekend May 2 through May 4th, with tours and concerts.

For more info about the Honeymoon Weekend, or having your wedding at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway, you can go to their website at or call 760-322-1192.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Win a Honeymoon to St. Croix!

Who wants to win a honeymoon on beautiful St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands?

Well, who wouldn't?

I found a sweepstakes I think you all will love. The winner receives:

..::4 Nights - 5 Days in a Luxurious Oceanfront Suite at the Carambola Beach Resort on St. Croix
..::Airfare Voucher for two ( valued at $1,500 )

..::Breakfast and lunch each day of your stay

..::Two on-site and two off-site dinners

..::One hour professional digital photography (you know, so you can make your friends jealous)

..::And, a whole bunch of other things (beach towels, champagne flutes, stuff like that)

Who can enter?

Anyone 18 or older, and who are legal residents of the U.S. Employees of the sponsor, Bonnier Corp., are excluded.

When does the sweepstakes end?

You must enter by June 23, 2008

How do I enter for this fabulous honeymoon vacation?

Okay, the official rules say you go to and enter. However, that url just looks like one of those meaningless parked pages with nothing on it. So, I would go to their submission page at: and enter there.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wedding Venues in Downtown Los Angeles

Looking for some ideas for a wedding in downtown Los Angeles? Here are a few venues you might want to check out:

Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Ave

Have your wedding at the Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium, close to downtown L.A. Seating for 350 inside, 2000 outside.

Los Angeles Athletic Club
451 West 7th Street
213-625-2211 ext. 3301
Go to

Heritage Square Museum
3800 Homer Street

A living history museum with historic homes, beautiful grounds and flower gardens; makes for lovely wedding portraits.

Cicada Restaurant
617 S. Olive St.
go to

Wonderful Italian restaurant which hosts wedding ceremonies as well as receptions.

Hilton Checkers
535 South Grand Avenue

A historic Los Angeles hotel that dates back to the 1920s. Fully restored to its orginal beauty, the Hotel Checkers is the only four-diamond boutique hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Have a rooftop wedding; available for up to 175 people, or sit down dinner up to 100. Great view of the L.A. skyline.