Sunday, April 27, 2008

Want a Reason to Elope?

Did you know that the average cost for a wedding in the U.S. is approaching $30,000? And that the average honeymoon costs over $4,500? That's making an elopement ceremony sound better and better, now doesn't it?

Granted, the thought of eloping is hard for many couples to even touch. What about family members who might feel slighted or angry that there's no big wedding to attend? Of course, maybe a big wedding is something that you've dreamed of your whole life and eloping would become a big letdown.

But, for second weddings, or weddings of older individuals, these weddings are often more conducive to a destination wedding or eloping. Maybe family is so spread out that it's too hard to decide where to hold a wedding that will please everyone. Eloping, then, care spare some feelings.

Where are good places to elope? We have quite a number of great venues in California, many of which I've spoken about in this blog. Here are eloping posts you might find interesting, which include elopement ceremonies:

And, of course, you can also visit my website and learn more about eloping

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