Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Congrats to Del and Phyllis and Shame on you Protesters

Congratulations are in order to Del Martin, 87 and Phyllis Lyon, 83, who became the first gay couple to get married in San Francisco, at 5:01PM yesterday.

These two women have been together for over 50 years, and became the first gay couple married in 2004 in San Francisco during the brief period of time same-sex weddings were allowed in that city. That was, of course, before the courts ruled the marriages (over 4,000 of them were performed) invalid. The California Supreme court has since ruled that same-sex weddings are now legal, although a ballot measure in November could make them invalid once again.

Okay, so what really burns me is the fact that there were protesters outside City Hall in San Francisco holding nasty signs aimed at these two 80+ women. Would you really want some numb nut taunting your grandmother as she was leaving an event that was special to her? Would you really want some idiot yelling at your grandmother, telling her she was sinning? For God's sake, people, what did these two women ever do to you?

I want all you couples out there who are planning weddings to imagine having your wedding with people yelling at you as you were leaving the ceremony, holding signs derisive of your love, taunting your guests. You'd be really pissed, wouldn't you? It's not right to spoil someone's special day, no matter if they're 83 or 23, gay or straight.

Come on, folks, it was a wedding. And you weren't invited. But, you showed up anyway to shower people with your hate, like it was rice or confetti.

If you feel your marriage is that threatened by the wedding of two women who've been together over 50 years, then work on your own marriage. Strengthen it, instead of tearing someone else's down.

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