Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm Disappointed in You, California

Well, California, you really screwed up by passing Prop 8, which bans Gay Marriage in California. Marriage between consenting adults should be celebrated! As Whoopie Goldberg said today on The View: If you don't like gay marriage - don't marry a gay person!

Just because someone is gay and married does nothing to lessen your marriage. It doesn't impact mine! If it impacts yours, then your marriage is already in trouble.

I know there are passionate people on both sides of the debate. There was the same passion decades ago in many parts of America when interracial couples were not allowed to marry. Then, as now, children were used as the rallying cry. "Think about the children" they pleaded. I wonder how those people would feel now to see the child of an interracial couple as our next President Elect. If the people had been allowed to vote on it back then they would have overwhelmingly voted not to allow interracial marriages, thus preventing the "tragedy" of a Barack Obama being born.

Of course, that's why people should not vote on matters of civil rights. That's why courts have always had to step in to protect minority rights from being trampled by the majority. The majority doesn't like to share! Never has. And, as our past history of civil rights struggles has shown, the majority has often been wrong.

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Loren Scott said...

I know it's an old post and an old issue, but... your post was very well-written and echos my sentiments exactly. And now Iowa, of all places, has demonstrated that it is more forward-thinking than California in this area. Who would've thought!

It's times like these when I want to move far away from California (and especially the conservative Temecula Valley, where I live) and try to find more progressive people to be around.

I had the pleasure to photograph two same-sex weddings (one male couple and one female couple) during the brief period that it was legal last year, and they were two of the most fun and stress-free weddings I have ever photographed!