Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding Reception Seating Arrangements

Just a quick note about the seating arrangements for your wedding reception. If you're angsting about who to seat where, you're not alone. This aspect of wedding planning can be a bit stressful, as people often associate their importance to you depending on where they're seated at your reception. The closer to you the more important they feel. The further away, the more they may have some hurt feelings.

Then there's also the issue of who your guests are seated next to. You certainly don't need the stress when planning all the other aspects of your wedding, but it is something that needs to be taken into account.

The traditional method of having a bridal party seated at a table at one end of the room and everybody else in rows facing them does not have to be adhered to and often there are alternatives where more people can feel like they are as important as everybody else at the reception.

Consider having the bridal party seated at a table in the middle of the reception with all your friends and family seated all round. This is one alternative that you might decide to use but the layout is entirely up to you in a manner that you find most suitable.

Rather than trying to mix up both sides of the family it might be better to keep the seating arrangements where people who are familiar with one another can be at the same tables. Once again this is just a suggestion as you might find that based on the personalities of the families and friends they might enjoy sitting with one another and get to know each other better.

Make everyone feel important and be sure to circulate whenever possible to greet and thank everybody who has attended your wedding. Often with bigger weddings it is very easy to miss talking to someone, so that is one area that you will need to pay special attention.

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