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Surf and Sand Wedding - Laguna Beach

I've written before about having your wedding at Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. I came across this article about the best spots for wedding photography at Surf and Sand, and thought I'd reprint it here, just in case there are those of you planning a wedding at Surf and Sand, or are looking for a place with good photo opportunities.

Photography Analysis of Laguna Beach Wedding Location - Surf and Sand Resort
By Vanessa Honda

There are a number of great locations to get stunning wedding portraits in Laguna Beach, CA. One such location is at the Surf and Sand Resort.

This location is located directly on the beach. The main ceremony location is by the swimming pool overlooking the beach. A glass wall forms the perimeter with the beach in the background. The beach is in front of the resort and is not closed off to patrons and the public during events. So, while this setup provides a wonderful ocean backdrop for the wedding ceremony, it also allows beach lovers to be a distracting part of the background for your wedding pictures.

You can resolve this issue by making sure to, or asking your photographer to make sure all pictures are taken at an angle that will keep the background persons out. If it is impossible to adjust the proper angle, ask your photographer to agree to edit those people out of the pictures.

One favorite ceremony shot for photographers and brides alike is to take a picture from above the wedding party with the beach in the background and the couple in the dead center of the picture. The picture edited with a rounding macro which will create a shot that gives the impression that the entire world is focused in on the couple during the ceremony.

The resort does have a variety of different genre of backgrounds from which you can get excellent pictures. There is, of course, the beach; however, there is also a garden with rustic trees that overhang the tiled pathway. The area contains classic wooden benches which can used to create a European country feel.

The interior of the resort is painted with bright colors. These bright colors are excellent for taking pictures bright flowers and bride maid dresses. Don't have all the pictures of details taken outdoors for this location. The bright walls and excellent natural lighting are perfect settings for flowers, cakes, dresses, and other event details.

While this location may not be for those wanting a modern angular look, it is a good option for those wanting photography which has a classy, classic beach feel.

Vanessa is a Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer who owns a business that specializes Laguna Beach Photography.

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